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In the meantime, please reference these books from the author, John W. Bizzack, Ph.D

Island Freemasonry

The Final Bastion of the Observant Lodge.

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Sins of our Masonic Fathers

The Lost Strength of Fewness in American Freemasonry

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The Age of Unreason

Dissecting the Infamy of the Morgan Affair and it's Aftermath.

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Taking Issue

An Anthology of Commentaries About the Practice and State of Freemasonry in North America

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For the Good of the Order

Examining the Shifting Paradigm Within Freemasonry

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Discovering Freemasonry In Context

The Laboratory of Moral Science

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The Lexington Experience

The Path of a Masonic Lodge to Devine Who They Were and Why They Were The Way They Were

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A Summarizing History of Lexington Lodge No. 1 1788-2018

Showing the Spirit of the Work of the Oldest Masonic Lodge in Kentucky for the Past 230 Years

Availale at Lexington Lodge No. 1 Library

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The Canker Worm on the Rose

The Struggle to Find Uniformity in the Observance of Freemasonry

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Bending Granite

The Search for a Difference-Making Path in American Freemasonry

"The only way to attain truth is to be open to the possibility that we are not right about anything. In doing so we remain open to the truth."

John W. Bizzack, Ph.D