Welcome to The Craftsman

Welcome Brother

The Craftsman is a source for Masonic Education and Resources for Freemasons who are active in their lodges and are committed to remaining active and engaged in the fraternity.  It is for Freemasons who have demonstrated they are not casual in their practice or support of Freemasonry; and, who do not consider their responsibilities to or practice to the Craft in a nonchalant manner.


As Freemasons, we are builders and seekers.  We have assumed the worthy endeavor of our Masonic ancestors, to build strong and enduring temples from which light is sought and dispensed.  Our Operative brethren once built sacred temples—material edifices dedicated to the dissemination of celestial light to those who sought illumination.  As Free and Accepted Masons, we build sacred temples made not of stone, brick, and mortar, but of flesh, blood, and bone.  Temples of honor, justice, purity, knowledge, and truth, from which light is pursued and bestowed.


The building of such a temple is a great and important undertaking, and as Masons, we are taught that before entering into or upon any great or important undertaking, first to invoke the blessings of deity.  We, therefore, call upon the power, wisdom, and goodness of the Great Architect, Artificer, and Geometrician of the Universe to guide us in our endeavors.  We embrace the splendor of reason through the study of the seven liberal arts and sciences: grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.  Through faith and knowledge, we fortify our sacred temples and illuminate the path that binds the earthly to the celestial.


The good man understands that he must first look within if he endeavors to be a better man. That is why every Mason’s journey begins in his heart, before he is admitted through the West Gate and obligated at our altar. Upon his first step in Masonry, he begins to venture out of darkness toward light.  As he advances through the progressive science of Masonry, he acquires the working tools that enable him to build a sturdy temple within.  On his quest for light, he travels not alone, but in the accompaniment of his brethren who are engaged in a like pursuit.


Every Freemason possesses unique talents, which he shares with his brethren in the cooperative labor of building a lodge of brotherhood set on a foundation of friendship, morality, and brotherly love.  In that shared endeavor the collective repositories of Masonic light burst open to dispense light into our families and communities.


The Craftsman exists to help apply the Masonic trowel to that noble and glorious purpose of spreading the cement of brotherly love and affection that unites us into one common humanity.