Masonic Contributors to The Craftsman Website

The Craftsman is privileged to share the work of knowledgeable Freemasons who are actively engaged in their Lodges and educational Masonic activities.  Additional writings will be posted on the site.  To submit a commentary, book review, essay, paper, presentation for consideration, see the Contact Link on Home Page and send an email to the address noted.

The Craftsman is proud to recommend the following websites as an additional source to further your Masonic knowledge.  If you know of other websites worth of recommendation, please contact us.

  1. Lexington Lodge No. 1
  2. The Rubicon Masonic Society
  3. William O. Ware Lodge of Research
  4. Masonic Restoration Foundation
  5. The Philalethes Society
  6. Alba Lodge 222
  7. Fiat Lux No. 1717 District of Columbia
  8. The Scottish Rite Research Society
  9. Heredom
  10. The Plumbline
  11. Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2026
  12. Robert G. Davis, The Laudable Pursuit
  13. Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry
  14. The Journal of the Masonic Society
  15. The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon
  16. The Center for Research Into Freemasonry, University of Sheffield
  17. The Phylaxis Society
  18. The Northern Light The Magazine For Scottish Rite Masons of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction,
  19. The Scottish Rite Journal
  20. Phoenix Masonry
  21. edu Shared Research
  22. Texas Lodge of Research
  23. Masonic World
  24. Missouri Lodge of Research
  25. Freemasons for Dummies
  26. George Washington Masonic National Memorial
  27. The Craftsman’s Apron
  28. The Builder Magazine - The Complete Collection 1915-1930 &
  29. Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry – ABC Index of Masonic Papers

Masonic Videos

The Craftsman is proud to showcase the following Masonic videos:

  1. The Rubicon Masonic Society YouTube Channel:
  2. The Masonic Table Documentary:
  3. The Masonic Table Documentary Official Trailer:
  4. The Classic Masonic Authors Conference of 2023:
  5. The Classic Masonic Authors Conference of 2023 Official Trailer:
  6. Robert G. Davis as a Keynote Speaker at a William O. Ware Lodge of Research Festive Board:
  7. Lexington Lodge No. 1 Video Documentary and History:
  8. S. Brent Morris as Keynote Speaker at a Rubicon Masonic Society Festive Board:
  9. Thomas W. Jackson presentation, "The State of Contemporary American Freemasonry"
  10. Thomas W. Jackson "In Remembrance"

Masonic Book Reviews