Island Freemasonry:
The Final Bastion of the Observant Lodge

Explores Masonic history to shed light on membership trends in America's largest, and oldest, fraternal organization. Through meticulous scholarship and detailed research, the author documents the causes for the expansion (and later contraction) of American Freemasonry. Read more.

Sins of our Masonic Fathers:
The Lost Strength of Fewness in American Freemasonry

Sins of Our Masonic Fathers offers a broad but thorough analysis of various historical aspects of Freemasonry as it unfolded in the United States. American Freemasonry expanded so rapidly that it gave birth to a flawed, long- standing, counterfactual and false standard: the belief that the Freemasonry in America can be found and measured by the number of names on its membership rosters. Read more.

The Age of Unreason:
Dissecting the Infamy of the Morgan Affair and Its Aftermath

The Age of Unreason is a 21st century investigation into the contradictions, deceit, and hysteria surrounding the scandal that almost destroyed American Freemasonry.In contrast to many past writings about the Morgan Affair, The Age of Unreason puts the writings, events, and circumstances of the era in factual context, bringing to light of the motives of many who were involved on both sides of the scandal leading to much of the hysteria surrounding it for more than a decade. Read more.

How and Why Freemasonry Came to Kentucky:
The Backstory

While the role the spread of Freemasonry played in the early years of the history of the United States is well documented elsewhere, the backstory about who, how and in some cases, why this proliferation occurred as it did is lacking, especially in Kentucky.  Read more.

Discovering Freemasonry:
The Laboratory of Moral Science

This book provides a welcome and enjoyable reminder of the importance thinking in context and especially doing so when researching Freemasonry and history in general. Written with eye-opening and in balanced style, it encourages us with many examples to put things in context and look with clear vision to validate our thinking. Read more. 

For the Good of the Order:
Examining The Shifting Paradigm Within Freemasonry

What has transpired in North American Freemasonry since the 1960s has been influenced by not only factors external to the institution, but less obvious internal ones as well. To better understand where the Craft has been and where it will likely be in the future requires a balanced examination in context, a context wherein Freemasonry is viewed as a whole, not in fragments. Read more.

Taking Issue:
The Practices and State of Freemasonry in North America: An Anthology of Commentaries and Observations about the Practie and State of Freemasonry in North America

Taking Issue is a collection of refreshingly candid commentaries examining many issues relative to the state and practices of Freemasonry in North America today. The author presents clear and convincing arguments, genuinely advancing the discussion of these issues in a context, characterizing the voice of those Masons who seek the fraternity to be more than ordinary. Read more.

Notable Men in Kentucky History who Happened to be Freemasons

The history of Freemasonry is so closely interwoven with the story of the development of the United States that it is often difficult to determine where one thread ends and the other begins. So too it is with the history of Freemasonry and the account of the emergence of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Read more. 

The Lexington Experience:
The Path of a Masonic Lodge to Define Who They Were and Why They Were the Way

The Lexington Experience:_The story of Kentucky Freemasonry in the 20th Century is identical to the larger story of American Freemasonry. A rapidly shrinking membership, an uninformed and unfocused sense of purpose and the lack of insightful leadership have all contributed to the Craft's current demoralized condition. Read more. 

21st Century Conversations About Freemasonry:
A Candle In the Dark

In 21st Century Conversations About Freemasonry: A Candle in the Dark, authors John W. Bizzack, Ph.D. and Dan M. Kemble have used a fictional series of virtual meetings to identify and address how the Masonic Fraternity has lost its sense of identity as an Enlightenment Era institution. Read more. 

The Canker Worm on the Rose:
The Story of the Struggle in Kentucky From 1800-2020 To Develop a Consistent Approach to the Observance of Freemasonry

As Freemasonry began to rapidly expand in membership, and as lodges spread out across the landscape of newly formed Grand Lodges, our records illustrate that the organizational structure was not capable of supporting such fast growth. Read more. 

Bending Granite:
Taking Stock of American Freemasonry

This series of essays is far from the “romantic” style of writing often found about Freemasonry and the Fraternity surrounding it. There are problems to solve, decisions to be made, a straightforward inquiry to conduct, and a mechanism to repair. Read more. 

The Reckoning: Transformations That Weakened American Freemasonry Leading To An Inevitable Reckoning

ESSAY I: The Roots of the Reckoning – The 10 Major Turning Points. ESSAY II: The Great Masonic Drift – How Sacrificing Exclusivity & Postponing the Inevitable Led to It. ESSAY III: The Redemption – From the Reckoning a Second Chance. Read more. 

Transactions of The Rubicon Masonic Society: Volume I

The Rubicon Masonic Society presents the first volume of its Transactions. Eighteen men, almost all of whom are active or honorary members of The Rubicon Masonic Society, have committed to paper their thoughts about a variety of subjects related to contemporary Freemasonry. Read more.