Sins Of Our Masonic Fathers


American Freemasonry expanded so rapidly that it gave birth to a flawed, long- standing, counterfactual and false standard: the belief that the Freemasonry in America can be found and measured by the number of names on its membership rosters. As a result, the fraternity abandoned the source of its real strength: fewness.

Sins of Our Masonic Fathers offers a broad but thorough analysis of various historical aspects of Freemasonry as it unfolded in the United States. This look at the evolution of American Freemasonry identifies the misplaced, misdirected, and misspent energy in the past that challenges today the essential labors required to successfully re-evaluate the understanding of the real aim and purpose of the Fraternity to its members.

This book does not merely list what is called sins of our Masonic Fathers but undertakes the difficult task of examining and framing the reasons why and how and these errors in action and miscalculations occurred. Insight into why the Fraternity today is where it finds itself is illustrated in a persuasive manner and makes clear how its perpetuity will now, more than ever, depend on the quality of its leadership, administration, and practices in the delivery of its intended promise.

The question for this and future generations is whether the fraternity will stop playing host to the miscalculations and errors in action deeply embedded in its history.