The Reckoning Trilogy – ESSAY 3: The Redemption – From the Reckoning a Second Chance


ESSAY 3: The Redemption – From the Reckoning a Second Chance. 

Includes a PDF Download and a Professionally Recorded Audio Reading (length: 32 min)

When Freemasonry was organized, the institution embraced the notion that humanity could be improved through rational change and created a system offering one of the most fascinating and logical plans of instruction known to man. As Freemasonry unfolded in America, the fraternity did not always get that notion right in all ways. Convincing collective introspection about how we ensure the perpetuity of our fraternity has yet to begin. The institution and its members will, however, have a second chance to do that. The success of that second chance, will entirely depend largely on three actions. One, a working and shared knowledge and understanding of how Freemasonry in this country unfolded and how and why that unfurling led it to its current state.  Second, the level of capabilities of its disciples to lead and effectively steer the fraternity in a way that restores the philosophical and intellectual qualities of the Craft. Third, realigning and consistently administering the way members are provided a fundamental Masonic education (as opposed to of the kaleidoscope approaches, methods, and practices used for more than two centuries).