The Reckoning Trilogy – ESSAY 1: The Roots of the Reckoning


ESSAY I: The Roots of the Reckoning – The 10 Major Turning Points.

Includes a PDF Download and a Professionally Recorded Audio Reading (length: 2 hr 14 min)

American Freemasonry drifted through the 1800s experiencing a scandal that shook its foundation, and a national Masonic Convention that changed its course, as it postponed the organizational introspection essential to stop the drift away from its intended aim and purpose. A mid-century surge in membership and the uninvited influence of the Age of Fraternalism did not prepare the fraternity to rise from the quicksand in which it has already stepped. Exclusivity was sacrificed by rapid expansion of membership and lodges as the philosophical and intellectual qualities of the Craft continued to wane and drift through the 20th century. Could grand lodges set aside their sovereignty for the good of the Order as the reckoning approaches and collectively meet as they did in 1843? This and other questions about the jeopardy of the perpetuity of American Freemasonry are explored in this penetrating essay.