The Reckoning Trilogy – ALL 3 ESSAYS


The Reckoning Trilogy – ALL 3 ESSAYS

Includes a PDF Download and a Professionally Recorded Audio Reading of all Essays (length: 4 hrs)

ESSAY 1: The Roots of the Reckoning – The 10 Major Turning Points.

ESSAY 2: The Great Masonic Drift –   How Sacrificing Exclusivity & Postponing the Inevitable Led to It

ESSAY III: The Redemption – From the Reckoning a Second Chance

The institution of American Freemasonry is approaching a fateful time in its history. Far from a carbon copy of what was envisioned at the beginning of the 18th century by those who formally organized the genius system of Freemasonry, particular situation and events make it clear as to why a reckoning is at hand. The Reckoning essays identifies and explores the reasons found in ten major turning points that weakened and fundamentally transformed the course of the fraternity America. The ensemble of issues escorting American Freemasonry to this reckoning is rooted in its interconnected historical problems, cultural snags, consistently troubling levels of Masonic literacy, and without question, fiscal related glitches. Sparked and put in motion twelve generations or more ago, each generation found their way to fuel it by playing host to the mistakes and miscalculations of the previous and added their own. Doing so created a great situational irony.  The members of an institution designed to promote and advance introspection in members did not practice what they professed when it came to look inwardly at issues besetting the organization. These and other forces have pressed for decades, centuries – on the institution as gravity presses on rock, changing its structure and its density and eventually its very essence.