Taking Issue


Taking Issue is a collection of refreshingly candid commentaries examining many issues relative to the state and practices of Freemasonry in North America today. The author presents clear and convincing arguments genuinely advancing the discussion of these issues in a context, characterizing the voice of those Masons who seek the fraternity to be more than ordinary. These timely commentaries and observations cut to the heart of various topics validating with clarity how Freemasonry is intended for practice as a complete system. Collectively, these essays affirm in no uncertain terms, that Freemasonry is meant to be an educational institution with the purpose of improving the minds and effectiveness of its members through its practices. This compendium of straightforward and introspective writings not only consider the causes for today’s trends, but offers solid evidence in preparation to act on remedies. Commentaries, particularly those offering critical thinking and rhetorical reasoning can often validate what we have thought or are thinking. Sometimes they promote us to face our views and weigh them against those presented. In essence: they cause us to think beyond what we sometimes just accept.