How And Why Freemasonry Came To Kentucky – The Backstory


While the spread of Freemasonry played in the early years of the history of the United States is well documented elsewhere, the backstory about who, how, and in some cases, why this proliferation occurred as it did is lacking – especially in Kentucky.  Towards that end, How & Why Freemasonry Came to Kentucky – The Backstory provides context and connects the untold historical events that occurred behind the scenes and unknown by those who wrote the earlier histories about the arrival of Freemasonry in Kentucky.

In 2013, information shedding new light as to why Freemasonry came to Kentucky in 1788 was discovered. The findings identify a long-forgotten founder of the first lodge in Kentucky and his ties to George Washington, Secretary of War Henry Knox, the Indian Wars, and the struggle for Kentucky statehood.