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Let us act with poise, dignity, and as gentleman in our labors to become better Freemasons.

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Brian Evans

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Brian T. Evans Jr.

Brian T. Evans Jr. is the Senior Warden at Lexington Lodge No. 1 F&AM in Lexington, Kentucky.  He is a member of the William O. Ware Lodge of Research, which Kentucky's oldest Masonic research Lodge.  He is a member of the Rubicon Masonic Society, which is a private group of Master Mason Freemasons committed to a deeper understanding of Freemasonry and Conviviality.

He is the owner and President of two companies: BT Web Group, a digital marketing company, and BT Investment Group, a Real Estate Investment Company.  He has published various business books, two of which were Amazon Best Sellers.  He lives in Lexington, KY with his wife Danielle, and his to son's, Ryder and Cruze. 

Evans' Masonic Papers

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